We are excited to announce that the 5th Annual Ohio Novice State will be taking place on Sunday February 21, 2016 at the Koehler Fitness & Recreation Complex at the University of Findlay 1000 North Main Street, Findlay, Ohio 45840! 

Click here to register and pay ($25 entry fee) for your wrestler at www.TrackWrestling.com!

What is NEW for the 2016 Ohio Novice State?
1. Point System for OAC - Seeding points
2. Team Scoring: Teams MUST register using the EXACT same team name on www.TrackWrestling.com
3. More mats!!!!

Any questions please contact Amy at 419-330-9556 or OhioNoviceState@gmail.com!

Where can I get a coaches band?

Coaches bands will be available the day of the tournament. Anyone sitting on the mat coaching/videoing/photographing must have a coaches band on. Each wrestler is allowed 2 people on the mat. Also, anyone that is coaching must pay the admission fee as well.

What is the $50 Challenge Fee for?

The challenge fee is put into place in the event that someone wishes to challenge a wrestlers novice status. We would collect the $50 and look into the challenge. If you, the challenger, is proved correct the money will be returned and also the challenged wrestler will be removed form the tournament. However, if you, the challenger, are proved wrong then the $50 will be used as a donation.

UPDATED: 2.10.2016

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