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FAQ's about The Ohio Novice State Tournament

Mission Statement: To provide an opportunity for wrestler’s early in their career while supporting and promoting Ohio wrestling at all levels.

Why a Novice state tournament?

Wrestling in Ohio has a rich tradition and history. It is our goal that in hosting a novice state wrestling tournament we may be able to encourage more wrestlers to become excited and involved with our sport. By exposing wrestlers of similar experience we feel that they will not feel as overwhelmed and overmatched as they often do when they first get started in this great sport.

How did you define a novice wrestler?

It is clear that there is no black/white definition on who is/isn’t a novice wrestler. We looked at other states definition and came up with qualifications, which we believe are fair. Please click here for Tournament Information and for the exact qualifications. 

If your wrestler does not meet the requirements and this is found out they will be immediately removed from the tournament and no refund will be provided. 

What type of awards are there going to be?

Custom designed medals will be presented for 1st – 6th, champions will receive an award from Rudis as well

Will OAC Novice points be used?

Yes, they will be used to seed wrestlers. These are not required to wrestler in the tournament. 

How do we sign up?

All wrestlers must sign up and pay the entry fee on Registration is not complete until the entry fee has been paid. 

Can wrestlers change weight classes?

Wrestlers will not be able to change weight classes the day of the event but will be able to until 12p the day they will be attending a weigh in, as long as registration is still open


If a wrestler does not make weight they will automatically be bumped up to the next weight class. We will NEVER move a wrestler down a weight class. 

If registration has closed and you have to move your wrestler please email Be sure to include your wrestlers name and the new weight class. 


What is required to weigh in?

Wrestlers must wear compression shorts or a singlet to weigh in. No wrestler is allowed to weigh in wearing only their underwear.


Is there a weight allowance?

There is NO weight allowance for the tournament. Example ** In order to wrestle in the 60 pound weight class the wrestlers must weigh in at 60.0 OR LESS. If they are over when they weigh in they will automatically be bumped up to the next weight class. We will never move a wrestler down a weight class


Is headgear required?

No, headgear is not required. 

Are singlets required?

Singlets or compression shorts and tops are required. 

What time should my wrestler be there

Wrestling starts at 9:00am sharp for the morning division.  The doors open by 7:30am.

How will I know my wrestler is up?

You can also follow along on Trackwrestling's Mobile Site. Your wrestler will be assigned bout numbers and you can follow along using that number. Your wrestler will also be wrestling on the same mat all day. We DO not have a pairing room, it is you or your coaches responsibility to know when your wrestlers are up. 

What is the $50 Challenge Fee for?

The challenge fee is put into place in the event that someone wishes to challenge a wrestlers novice status. We would collect the $50 and look into the challenge. If you, the challenger, is proved correct the money will be returned and also the challenged wrestler will be removed from the tournament. However, if you, the challenger, are proved wrong then the $50 will be used as a donation. **Any age/weight/novice standing challenge MUST be done before the second round for your bracket finishes**

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