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If you are interested in hosting a weigh in for the 2024 Ohio Novice State please email us at In order to be a weigh in location you must have a certified scale and wifi access at your weigh in location. 

- You only need to attend 1 weigh in before the tournament.

- No wrestlers can change weight classes after 12pm the day of  their chosen weigh in. If registration has closed please email your wrestlers name and new weight class to

- NO weight allowance for the tournament, if your wrestler is .01 over the weight class they will automatically get bumped to the next weight class. 

- Singlets or more clothes are required for weigh ins.*

- Please check the FAQ Page for more information







Glass City Centre 

401 Jefferson Ave

Toledo, Ohio 43604


*This is the final weigh in for the tournament.

If you weighed in Monday - Thursday you DO NOT need to attend this one*

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